With its dog friendly patio and innovative healthy menu, picnik has captured a lot of healthy eaters in Austin. They offer special gluten free and paleo menus, making sure they’ve got something everyone can enjoy! If you’re not into the whole organic and healthy lifestyle do not shy away from this place, food items are so creative and delicious that you would never guess you’re eating healthy. My favorite part of this place is their drink menu. They offer several lattes, coffees, teas and bone broth drinks made with coconut milk and grass-fed products. They also offer the option of adding collagen or whey protein to most drinks. My favorite should be of no surprise to anyone: Matcha Latte. Their take on this classic with coconut milk and sweetened with maple syrup is truly delicious. Their commitment to giving you real ingredients extends to their cocktail menu. Nothing could be truer than what’s written in their cocktail menu: Crappy Alcohol= Crappy Hangover. Being born and raise in Mexico I might be biased but I urge you to head over to Picknik and try their Pitaya margarita made with organic tequila, pink dragon fruit and lime, sweetened with raw local honey or their spicy Paloma.


Sticking to Austin’s keep Austin Weird motto and awesome culture fusion is Tous Les Jours’ French- Asian bakery. Their menu includes a unique selection of bakery foods and beverages, all made with high quality ingredients. Not to mention the spot is an extremely cute European styled bakery and the staff are super friendly. Go hang out with them while you enjoy a matcha latte, bubble tea or shaved ice. But make sure you leave room for their green tea fresh cream cake. It is topped with green tea macaroons, need I say more?


Feel good both physically and about helping the community when having their Matcha cleanse at this North Burnet location. O’JOY donates a meal to a child in need every time you make a purchase.  They’ve donated over 30,000 meals already and have made it their mission to keep making a difference. So, go check them out, enjoy a refreshing Matcha, orange, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, lime and sencha drink (So many goods in one drink!) or a fresh cup of frozen yogurt and be part of a great cause!

85C Bakery Café

It is no surprise that this Taiwanese bakery offers an array of matcha desserts. From traditional matcha red bean rolls and lattes to matcha green tea cupcakes and macarons. You’re sure to find a matcha treat for every occasion!


Of all the hidden Matcha menu items I’ve found through Austin, Kome’s varieties were the most surprising. This delicious sushi place has a very extensive cocktails menu which includes the Matcha Maker. We all know that going out drinking is not the healthiest of plans but that does not mean we can’t enjoy it from time to time. What better way to drink than adding some matcha to your cocktail? Their Matcha Maker is a mix of iwai Japanese whisky, peach liqueur, honey, gemmai syrup, lemon and matcha. I found this to be an interesting and delicious cocktail option. You’re turn to be DD? Then opt for their iced matcha green tea instead.