What to Look for When Buying Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea powder isn’t just delicious, it’s good for you too. But, you need to make sure you’re buying the highest quality powder. Read on to learn more.

Did you know that matcha green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can consume?

In fact, one cup of steeped matcha green tea has the same amount of antioxidants as ten cups of regular green tea. Matcha may even help you fight cancer!

You may already be keen to bring more matcha green tea into your life. But to truly reap this tea’s health benefits, it’s vital to consume high-quality matcha powder.

In this post, we discuss what to look for when buying organic matcha green tea powder–online or offline. Read on for insight!

1. Purchase Organic Matcha Green Tea

A food is USDA certified organic if it has been produced according to specific guidelines. These guidelines have everything to do with soil additives and agricultural practices.

Namely, an organic food item is one produced from soil free from prohibited substances (for the prior three years). Most consumers are familiar with these substances, which include pesticides and other chemicals harmful to human health.

Many people assume that tea production does not involve pesticides or soil additives. But tea is technically a crop and thus subject to the same type of production as other produce.

Organic matcha green tea is produced in additive-free soil, meaning that you don’t have to worry about consuming any harmful chemicals with your brew.

But more importantly, pesticides and other fertilizers can compromise the taste of pure-grade matcha. The result can be a more bitter, even metallic tasting tea.

Choose organic matcha green tea powder over other varieties. This powder will have the flavor of genuine matcha. It will also be risk-free.

2. Thoroughly Inspect Labels and Coloring

Whether purchasing your matcha green tea powder online or offline, be sure to inspect labeling. This is vital if you are sourcing your tea from an international manufacturer.

True green matcha tea powder will be clearly identified in ingredient lists. In fact, the ingredient list of the container should say 100 percent pure organic matcha green tea powder.

It should say only this! Stay away from any matcha powders that have any additives or artificial flavoring.

Be wary of “powdered green tea” or other similar phrases. This can designate low-grade matcha or even non-matcha varieties of green tea. The same goes for “Chinese matcha.”

Authentic matcha generally comes from Japan or certified organic U.S. farms. Chinese matcha strains are far less likely to be authentic.

The coloring of your matcha green tea powder should also be bright, vivid green. Any other hues, such as dull brown or faded green, are suspect.

3. Know the Grades

In general, there are two grades of matcha green tea: ceremonial grade and culinary grade.

Culinary grade matcha green tea powder is best used in cooking and baking. This is because it is sourced from older, mature matcha leaves. For this reason, it is less expensive than ceremonial grade matcha.

So, if you wanted to cook up some matcha green tea pancakes, culinary grade matcha is ideal.

If you intend to brew your matcha green tea powder, choose a ceremonial grade. This type of matcha is crafted from very young matcha leaves. The result is a very rich, authentic flavor.

Ceremonial grade matcha is likely to cost more than culinary grade matcha. However, the investment is truly worth it.

4. Prioritize Reputable Manufacturers

It’s important to source your matcha green tea powder from the right manufacturer.

It can be difficult to identify matcha manufacturers when purchasing your powder online. This is especially the case if you use an online platform like Amazon to purchase your teas.

With sites like Amazon, third-party sellers could be anyone. It can also be difficult to assess where your matcha is coming from, especially if the seller seems to be internationally based.

We recommend buying matcha powder directly from the manufacturer. This may mean buying matcha from an actual tea shop or bulk food store.

Or it may mean navigating to a manufacturer’s website and purchasing from there.

Look for manufacturers who have been producing matcha for quite some time. Reputable manufacturers will be transparent about how they cultivate and produce their matcha powders.

They will also clearly specify product ingredients. The best manufacturers will be real people with a genuine commitment to the production and enjoyment of matcha green tea.

5. Be Wary of High Prices

Buying ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder is an investment. But it should not be wildly expensive. Nor should it be incredibly cheap. Be wary of matcha powders that seem either under or overpriced.

Underpriced matcha powders are likely to be low-grade. They may not even contain authentic matcha green tea.

Overpriced powders may indicate an unreliable manufacturer seeking profit (rather than quality).

Reliable, high-quality ceremonial matcha should cost about $10 an ounce (or slightly more). Here at Matcha Matcha, our ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder is accordingly $38.99.

6. Trust Your Taste Buds

The flavor of matcha green tea is not for everyone. Many people will rightly say that it has a sweet, kind of grassy flavor.

This is a good thing! Lower-grade strains of matcha may taste more bitter or even have a slightly metallic edge to them.

If you can, try a strain of matcha powder before you buy. This is likely only possible if you purchase from a manufacturer in a brick-and-mortar store.

Nonetheless, do a taste test of other powders purchased online. If the result is a bright, grass-like taste with a touch of sweet, you’re golden.

If not, stay away!

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea is an incredible source of antioxidants and organic energy. Adding this superfood to your diet can be a wonderful way to jumpstart your health.

When purchasing matcha green tea, be mindful of the manufacturer you are purchasing from. Look for reliable, well-established manufacturers who price their powders according to industry standards.

Be sure to buy organic matcha green tea powder as opposed to non-organic. This will ensure an authentic, additive-free tea drinking experience.

At Matcha Matcha, we are proud to offer our customers the finest ceremonial and culinary grade matcha green tea powders on the market.

Have questions about buying matcha? We have answers!