For some people, it has come to the point were eating healthy and staying active/working out is easy. For others, it might still be a work in progress or struggle.Nevertheless, we can all agree that it gets harder when we are forced to abandon our weekly routines, have plans change or have a to do list that seems never ending . Most days, you check off your to do lists, meal prep or plan meals ahead and are able to fit in a work out into your schedule. However, life is unpredictable and it isn’t as easy to stay on track as we let things spiral out of control. This happens to everyone and it is okay if it does. All we need to do is get back at it, even more determined and motivated than last time!

There is some hope though. Staying healthy both physically and mentally when you’ve got a crazy busy lifestyle or are one of those people who’s day to day is unpredictable is actually a lot simpler than we think. It is not about being perfect and following instructions to the book, it is about being prepared and knowing how to tackle this.  We’ve prepared a short list of tips to help you through it!


A lot of business people spend a good chunk of their days in calls. The day ends and it is so hard to try to figure out where all the time went. Even the thought of going to the gym or working out gets you exhausted. Make it a rule. Don’t take phone calls while sitting down. Get your earbuds in and walk around the office while you’re on a call. Think about that calorie burn! If you have about 10 calls a day, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, that’s at least a 5 hour walk every day.  I’ve seen my step brother walk over 15 miles a day following this rule. Not to mention that it’s also crazy how much energy it gives him on and off those conversations and how great of a stress reliever it can be.


A lot of the times we give in to binge eating or overeating because we’ve spent long periods of time without food. It is then when we get home after a super busy day of little to no food that we feel like(and often do)  eating everything that’s within our reach. It is easy to forget or choose to have lunch when you’ve got an endless to do list or a very important deadline coming up. If this is feeling all to familiar then this tip is for you! Instead of filling up my bag with expired coupons and cosmetics, I always have a bag of healthy snacks ready to go. I always have an emergency stash of protein bars, fruits (easiest one to take around and that doesn’t go bad too quickly is apples), baby carrots, edamames..etc.


Stay hydrated. Constantly drinking water not only quenches your thirst but it also prevents you from feeling starved, and in turn hangry. I recommend adding some flavor to it like fruits or lemon to a big water bottle (I do half liter bottles so I can easily hold myself accountable to how much I drink!) Note that water should not be replacing your meals but it does help control hunger as well as keep you hydrated.


Yes, we’ve all heard about the wonders of matcha (or any tea for that matter) can do and how relaxing it can be to sit by the porch and enjoy a cup of tea while you contemplate  life. However, not everyone has 30 minutes to spare to prepare the perfect cup of tea on a cup we bought on etsy and nail the Instagram worthy picture of our tea. This does not mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits if you don’t have time to do this. There are plenty of individual packets designed for on the go. Take Matcha Matcha’s individual packets with stevia, especially designed for on the go consumers. Have those in your bag for when you need an energy boost, need to relax/take a breather or need help with digestion! Simply add one of these packets to a bottle of hot or cold water/milk and enjoy!


Staying healthy doesn’t only mean exercising or eating right. It is even more important for your mind and inner self to be healthy. We tend to let stress and life overwhelm us and let it influence our overall mood and well- being as well as our relationships. It is often this stress and anxiety that ends up leading to binge eating, breakdowns, taking it out on people we care about and in turn affecting us even further. When you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed, remind yourself to slow down and take a deep breath. Pause for a second, take a step back and count to 20. Slowly inhale and exhale until you feel like you are at a balanced state. Breathing exercises and pausing throughout your otherwise extremely fast paced day lets you gather your thoughts more clearly and respond instead of react.