How to Make the Perfect Cup of Matcha Green Tea

Did you just purchase some Matcha green tea? Are you wondering how to make it? Read on to learn how to make the perfect cup of Matcha green tea.

If you’re new to the world of matcha, but you know you want to partake in this delicious green tea and all of its health benefits, you’re probably interested in bringing some home to make yourself. If you’re especially adventurous, you probably already bought yourself your fancy whisk and your pretty bowl and you’ve tried to make it yourself.

But making matcha green tea is a bit of an art form. If you’ve ever tried to make it yourself and you’ve come up with thin, flat tea that tastes bitter on your tongue, you’re not alone. Many people who try to recreate the smooth and delicious taste of matcha green tea that they get at the tea shop can’t figure out how to get it just right.

But don’t fret! The secret to perfect matcha green tea is at your fingertips. Keep reading to learn how to get the perfect, creamy cup every single time.

Get Quality Matcha

You can’t craft the perfect cup of matcha green tea with sub-par matcha powder.

The first rule of thumb for selecting quality matcha is to make sure that your matcha powder comes from Japan. Once you’ve made sure it’s got the right country of origin, make sure you can clearly see the best-by date. If they don’t print the best-by date on the packaging, move on to the next brand.

Make sure that your matcha comes in a tin or some other opaque packaging. When you open it up, you need to secure the lid so that it’s airtight as well. Both air and light can affect the potency of the matcha powder inside.

When you get to the store, try not to balk at the cost of matcha that comes from Japan. Remember that the harvesting and grinding process is very labor intensive, not to mention the cost of shipping from Japan.

Just as a quick note: don’t try to drink culinary-grade matcha unless you’re putting it in a smoothie or a sweetened drink. Instead, look for ceremonial matcha, because it’s higher quality.

The Best Equipment is Simple Equipment

For some, a lot of the appeal behind matcha green tea is the ceremony behind it. Traditional matcha tea is served after whisking with a special whisk in a dainty bowl.

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create the same delicious effect! Just a simple bamboo whisk and a bowl with enough room for you to whisk the tea into the water.

Any large mug or small soup bowl will do. If you become a matcha green tea connoisseur, then you can treat yourself to a fancy bowl!

Start With Hot Water No Matter What

No matter what you want to make with your matcha green tea, you want to start with hot water. Even if your end result is iced matcha or a latte, starting with a traditional base in hot water is the way to get the smoothest, creamiest texture possible.

Don’t bother with the thermometer. Just boil some water, wait a minute or two, then pour it into a kettle. Warm your bowl up with a little bit of the water and pat it dry.

If you want to make iced matcha, make it extra strong and dilute it with ice. If you’re looking for a latte, make it strong and dilute it with aerated milk.

Sift, Sift, Sift

While some might see this step as unnecessary, nothing is going to get your matcha smoother than sifting. When you sift your matcha, you eliminate the chance of chunks of matcha powder floating around your drink and getting on your teeth.

Measure Twice, Drink Once

It might seem like overkill, but if you want the perfect cup of matcha green tea, get a scale. Measure out 2 grams of powder and about 75 grams of water.

If a scale seems too fussy, add a teaspoon of matcha to a half-cup of water and you should get a similar result!

How to Get the Froth on Top

The best part of any cup of creamy matcha green tea is the yummy, light froth on top. Froth is the little air bubbles that you create when you whisk the matcha in with the hot water.

Touch the bottom of the bowl with the whisk with a tiny amount of pressure. Then go to town! The faster and harder you whisk your matcha and hot water, the more frothy foam you’re going to get on top.

As soon as you’re finished whisking and aerating your tea, drink it as soon as possible.

The Accompaniment

In Japan, it’s traditional to serve the matcha green tea with a small sweet. A little square of chocolate or a small sweet pastry is all it will take to give the tea some nice balance.

Another great thing to accompany your matcha green tea with is something citrusy. A small slice of key lime pie or a squeeze of lemon in your green tea will up the antioxidants and make your taste buds especially happy.

The Best Matcha Green Tea Every Time

The secret behind the perfect cup of matcha green tea is in its simplicity. All it takes is the best quality matcha you can find, the right tools, and a little bit of effort. If you follow these simple rules for making matcha, you’ll get the perfect cup of creamy goodness every single time.

If you’re looking for more information about the best quality matcha out there, learn more about our ceremonial grade matcha today!